Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God or Gators?

Atlanta Jewish Times
VOICES: Letters to the Editor- May 18, 2007 Edition
God or Gators?
Josh Kram wrote something in his article "A Night Different From All Other Seders" (April 13) that prompted me to wonder a little about this author. "By the time we recited, "Next year in Jerusalem,' my brother and I had high-tailed it into the living room and perched in front of the TV just as the players were coming onto the court." Would Mr. Kram rather be in Jerusalem next year or at a Gators game? I think he exemplifies a group of people who need to re-evaluate their priorities in life. There were too many this year who answered the question "Who knows one?" with "I know one! Basketball is the master of heaven and earth."
Baruch Pelta, Dunwoody

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