Friday, August 6, 2010

New issue of Hakirah

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I received volume 10 of Hakirah yesterday and, as always, what an amazing journal. There's a particularly interesting exchange in the Letters to the Editor section. Judah Landa wrote in to protest R' Slifkin's article regarding the likelihood that Rashi is a corporealist and to express his disappointment in Hakirah for printing it. R' Slifkin and new editorial board member Dr. Shlomo Sprecher respond. IMHO, Landa loses this one big time.

Also, there's a correspondence between me and Joe Bobker (me 11-13, Bobker 13-14). I felt Mr. Bobker was balanced and reasoned in his response, even if I disagreed with it.



    Please join us to discuss how we can convince the Agudath Israel of America to bring The Jewish Observer back into print. Even if you don't have any ideas to share, your joining the group is tantamount to signing a petition to see the JO brought back to life!

  2. After the obit for the Rav, I'm good thanks, no JO for me.

  3. Not to mention the JO's hatchet job on the RCA for their statement on evolution, in which the JO actually altered the statement!