Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quite Different

Jerusalem Post
Page: 14

Quite different
Sir, - It's disappointing that you confused Natorei Karta with the Edah Haredit by stating that they are the same organization, when they have very different ideologies ("For Natorei Karta, voting is joining forces with evil," March 29). The former is much more aggressive in its stance and gets much more attention in the media. The latter does not often actively demonstrate against the government. These Orthodox Jews were here well before the State of Israel, much like Native Americans were in North America before the Anglo-Saxons came.

Matthew Wagner responds:
You are right that Natorei Karta is not identical with the Edah Haredit. However, to say that the two have "very different" ideologies is not only wrong, it minimizes the incredible antagonism felt by the Edah Haredit for the State of Israel. As Shmuel Popenheim, chief editor of the Edah Haredit's mouthpiece Ha'edah put it, "Our opinions are identical on the issue of voting, it's just that Natorei Karta is a little more outspoken in their attacks on rabbis that support voting. We think those verbal attacks are counterproductive." This means that tactical, not ideological, issues differentiate Natorei Karta from the Edah Haredit.

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