Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Challenge

Alright, so I received a bunch of kvetches (mostly via facebook) that of all the things I decided to focus on in my debate with Dovid over Judaism, it's something he regards as fundamental but they think is silly -- young earth creationism. I apologize if I have unnecessarily frustrated you, but it is my duty as a debater to pick on a weak point of my opponent. I should also note that Dovid promotes young earth creationism and his opinion is regarded as a Torah opinion even by people who disagree with it.

Some people (like, say, Garnel Ironheart) think I've just picked on an easy opponent. Now, I didn't "pick" anybody; Dovid was the only person to accept my debate challenge. But I can certainly understand Garnel's frustration. So I am issuing another debate challenge:

To accept this challenge, you must believe in evolution (e.g. macroevolution) and that the earth is billions of years old; you also must use your real first and last name. Contra you, I'll be debating that core claims of Orthodox Judaism are incorrect. The debate will either be over separate videos (that is, you would make a video of yourself making an argument and I would respond with my own video) or written-out arguments. You can essentially decide the format; we will work out the details together, with you being the guiding force. You can choose word limit, whether to go first or last, the wording of the proposition, etc.

If you would like to accept, please email me at or comment here. Thank you.


  1. The criticisms are totally off the mark. Dovid's views -- despite being a "weak target" -- represent those of the overwhelming majority of RW OJ's and should be publicly debunked for that reason alone.

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  3. Abele,

    You already told me via email that you won't use your real name, thus indicating that you are ineligible for the challenge. Also, you've written against evolution, thus doubly disqualifying you. This post isn't for discussions of any given kiruv proof, like the Pascal's Wager which you want to discuss here. It's for people to discuss or accept the challenge. If you want to discuss any given kiruv proof with me, feel free to email, although I may or may not respond, depending on my interest.

  4. I wrote against evolution about four years ago. My position has since changed on the matter. I will email you, and you can decide to post it or not.

  5. Sure, if 2009 is 4 years ago.