Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finally: Global Warming

Alright, so I promised I'd finally do the post I keep wanting to do -- my nuanced views of politics, media, and global warming generally. These are extremely important topics which I've never really blogged my views on.

But I changed my mind. I'm not really "in" the politics or media coverage of politics right now. I'm doing a lot of schoolwork. So I'll have to save those posts for later dates. Particularly, I think I have some interesting insights on the media which I'll have to postpone. But, since for some reason every time I mention global warming people get edgy, here's what I think about that:

Global Warming. It's happening and it's not a good thing. The whole "Climategate" scandal was pretty much manufactured. Whether or not we can actually do anything substantive about global warming is open to debate. That is a legitimate debate. But I'm not particularly interested in it; I had a horrific science education (great history classes though!) and I walk to school.

Next Post: My Eagletonian Epiphany


  1. You know Wikipedia has serious issues davka in this area, right?

  2. 1) No one takes you seriously if you quote Wikipedia on a political issue. By doing that, you've ruined any credibility your post might have had.
    2) Even if global warming was happening, it would be more cost effective to adapt societies to accommodate it than to try and stop it.
    3) During the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore was clocked by some independent research group as telling at least 1 bona fide new lie each and every day. Now I'm suddenly supposed to believe him?

  3. Garnel, you're being silly.I referenced a specific section of Wikipedia: the section which refers to cogent responses to Climategate. Links: they're grrrrrreat!

    As for Al Gore, since he wasn't mentioned in any of those links, Garnel is implying that he believes the following:
    "Al Gore lied a lot in 2000. Al Gore wants to respond to global warming. Therefore, global warming isn't necessarily happening."

    With that sort of logic, perhaps one could say Garnel's comment has ruined its credibility.

  4. ps Garnel,
    You've piqued my curiosity. What independent research group?

  5. "What independent research group?"

    Fox News