Monday, November 21, 2011

From the Comment Box: Comment Policy

I received an interesting comment in response to the questionnaire I sent to Rabbi Leonard Oberstein. I had asked Rabbi Oberstein qua haredi democrat about haredi media/kiruv outlets' tendencies to only print conservative, and some would say neoconservative, perspectives. In response to that, somebody frum wrote in:

Seems to me that the sentiment on this blog is that respectful disagreement is not allowed. Sounds a bit un-American to me...

Now, there actually has been a good deal of disagreement with me on this blog on all sorts of matters. To date, I believe I have deleted about 4 comments (which I felt were disrespectful) and closed two threads. But it's true, this blog is un-American. Actually, it's an Orwellian fascist dictatorship. I am the supreme master of the blog. If I feel a comment doesn't contribute or it seems that somebody is going to successfully turn a thread into a pointless back-and-forth, I reserve the right to delete comments or close threads. Feel free to disagree with my judgment. Feel free to start your own blog to continue those conversations.

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