Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jared is Awesome!

In my last post, I expressed my frustration at having the "writing bug" but not having any fresh ideas for the blog. Jared, I think, has come up with an excellent solution:
Perhaps a "This American Life" style approach. A major departure from your current writing, it may be just what you need to spark new ideas. Instead of such an academic tone to your works, you could gather personal stories to present with some analysis. You could gather stories of OTDers such as yourself, experiences of former Yeshiva students, interviews with atheists, Reform Jews, haredi clergy trying to bridge the gap between the wings of Judaism. I know, its very different from what you're accustomed to doing, but it might be interesting and could give you insight into your own experiences. Just a thought.

It seems to me that Jared is 100% right. I am fascinated by interesting narratives. The focus of this blog from now on is going to be interviews and questionnaires.


  1. I think that's a great idea. Similar to DaasHedyot's great Know a Kofer series, maybe?

  2. Very happy you like my suggestion! I'll be looking forward to your future posts. :)