Friday, November 4, 2011

Meh. Writer's Block and Some Kinda-Sorta Interesting Stuff.

Well, sorry I haven't been around the past few days. I haven't really felt any inspiration for a good, original post. I mean, there have been some interesting things going on, but nothing so intriguing as to offer inspiration for me to write a good post. A Rosh Yeshiva wrote me with a profound misunderstanding of my interview with R' Avi Shafran, but since I think that misunderstanding isn't based on anything I actually said, I don't think it's worth addressing here. Yaakov Menken has tangled himself in some hardcore woo-woo (see post and his comments for how he supports Avital's creationist rhetoric because he thinks Avital meant Intelligent Design -- which itself is woo -- even when Avital himself attacked the very idea that "human beings’ origins are to be found with monkeys"...*sigh*), but for those of us who keep up with what the guy writes, that shouldn't be a shocker. Susan Jacoby has a dour analysis of the election results' negative implications for secular America, but considering that even Bush's un-apologetically neoconservative government surprisingly increased funding for scientific endeavors, it's hard to know if she's right. Maybe I'll end up writing a post about Peter Hitchens's recent pro-Christianity posts, but Peter Hitchens is regularly taken on by bigger names than me anyways. In a blog post, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz bashed atheists, but his piece is so obviously hypocritical that I see no need to write a whole post on it.

What can I say, I'm looking to write stuff which is more original than polemical critiques of the regular silliness. If you have any ideas, let me know.


  1. I thought you were all about Jewish history and the evolution of Jewish culture throughout the years, why don;t you write about that?

  2. What about Jewish history and the evolution of Jewish culture? I've been working on a few academic projects regarding the Rav's relationship to Zionism and Haredim...once they get done I'll put them here. I've written/vlogged in the past about what I've found, so there's not much else to say about them.

  3. why does your blog say it is Nov, 2011? Perhaps you need to correct the date on your computer Mr. Pelta. Or maybe you are just a man ahead of his time!

  4. Interested ObserverNovember 4, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    What the heck is a "woo-woo" ?

    And now, just a friendly reminder to add the debate with R. Dovid Kornreich to the sidebar.

  5. That's the problem with being an atheoskeptic. There isn't that much to say other than "religion sucks"

  6. Interested Observer:
    1. Google is thy friend.
    2. Done. Yeah, that was a fun debate (for me anyways), but it's the only blog which Dovid "comoderates" that he hasn't linked to on his sidebar, so it seemed he wasn't in a rush to get it linked to...But your wish is my command.

    Point taken.

  7. Interested ObserverNovember 7, 2010 at 1:08 AM

    Sweet! Thanks.

    And here, now that I have allowed myself to google that, for myself...

    I have chuckled.

  8. Hate to say this, but Kornreich wiped your rear in that debate. Dunno why you fell into that trap...

  9. 1) Kornreich lied. Blatantly.

    2) Baruch, you completely misunderstood R. Steinzalts if you thought the point was to bash atheists. The point was that having a "Rally to Restore Reason" to promote atheism is just a cheap shot - or would it be fair if a bunch of religious people got together and said "Rally to Restore aNazism" to promote religion? You're a better reader than that.

    3) Sounds like what happened to this guy, happened to you too:

  10. I'll do a post on 2.
    1) Here's how I read the debate:
    "Dude, you're cool with young earth creationism. And you don't believe in evolution."

    "I don't necessarily believe in young earth creationism. And people like me are nice. And I have proofs for the Torah which I'm not going to give specifics of here; email me."

    "Dude, you wrote an article about how we have to believe in young earth creationism. You wrote a blog post about how gays should kill themselves so, uh, you're actually dangerous. And your proofs suck."

    "I don't necessarily believe in young earth creationism. When I wrote that gays should kill themselves, I didn't mean they should kill themselves...and I retracted! And...yeah."

    "Dude, you believe in young earth creationism. And you didn't retract your assertion that gays should kill themselves. Thanks for retracting here though."

    "Nobody's ever going to debate you again because you require people who don't necessarily believe in young earth creationism to defend it."
    3) Yeah.