Friday, May 25, 2012

Two Final Notes

1. This blog has been inactive for some months now as I have engaged in a cheshbon hanefesh, evaluating my options for the future in the light of various changes in my lifestance. I am currently considering gainful employment opportunities. I have a lot of experience with writing and researching (particularly on contemporary Jewish life, American Jewish history, and contemporary politics). I am adept at using New Media as well. I am currently living in Waltham, but come August, I will be able to move. So if you have need for a writer or know somebody who does, please contact me at . My CV is available upon request.

2. I just checked the stats for this blog; to date, it has been viewed 24,203 times. As for the blog I started for the purposes of debating a close disciple of Rabbi Moshe Meiselman's, it has been read 1,717 times.The most read individual post (by far!) of both blogs is my critique of the Kuzari Principle and other defenses of Orthodox Judaism, at 1,187 views. I greatly appreciate your readership and wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to consider my arguments on various issues. I have hopes for starting another website in the not-so-distant future which will go beyond the parochial Jewish focus I have had in the past. This website will analyze political and cultural issues which affect all of society (while still having a distinctly culturally Jewish and politically Zionist flavor). If you want to keep up with the things I'm reading and be updated on my future Internet activities, I am very active on Facebook so feel free to friend me.

Kol tuv.


  1. You can't do a cheshbon hanefesh if you don't believe you have a nefesh.

  2. You are so adorable! You crow about your "impressive" hits, yet meanwhile your average number of comments (that is, the number of people who actually took the time to read and digest your blog, not merely the people who strayed across it due to an erroneous google search) is a paltry 4.7! Good luck!